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If the focus of actinomycosis is localized in the cortical substance of the kidney, then even if it is large, it may not have communication with the cavity of the pelvis. The location of the focus in the medulla leads to a relatively early impairment of kidney function. When pyelography in these cases, there is a defect in the filling of the renal pelvis. With the spread of Clarinex in the perirenal tissue, the phenomena of paranephritis, retro-abdominal actinomycosis develop. From the kidney, the spread of actinomycosis is possible along the descending urinary tract, as well as to another kidney.

Actinomycosis of clarinex in men and women usually develops as a complication of trauma, less often as a result of the spread of the process from the pelvic tissue or urinary tract.

Actinomycosis of the vulva in women is usually accompanied by purulent discharge from fistulas, and in men it is characterized by the development of a dense, painless infiltrate, which leads, especially when localized at the root of the penis or on the perineum, to dysuria. Abscessing of actinomycosis is accompanied by severe pain and ends with the formation of a fistula. Actinomycosis of the scrotum is characterized by multiple fistulas, lymphostasis up to its elephantiasis. The skin of the scrotum thickens and thickens, boronher zdchatost becomes rough. It is difficult to palpate the testicles and appendages. Decrease in sexual function, as a rule, is not observed.

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Desloratadine pills cases of actinomycosis of the prostate gland, testicles and appendages, periurethral glands are described. Actinomycosis of the internal genital organs in women is characterized by a significant lesion that extends beyond the small pelvis; adhesions with the intestine and omentum are formed. The vagina narrows so much that vaginal examination becomes impossible or severely difficult. The appendages are most often affected, less often the uterus.

Fistulas can open on the skin of the anterior abdominal wall, thighs, in the area of ​​the external genital organs of the perineum, lumbar and gluteal regions, in the vagina, rectum, bladder, and the like.

In some patients, at the beginning of the disease, white or purulent discharge appears from the genital tract, the amount of discharge sometimes reaches 1 liter per day. Sometimes there is a violation of the menstrual cycle, acyclic bleeding. Actinomycosis of bones. Changes in bones at And. have various character and depend on ways of penetration of an infection, prevalence of one of at the same time proceeding processes (destructive, osteomyelitic and productive, sclerotic).

With the contact pathway of spread, actinomycosis primarily affects the periosteum, then the cortical bone, and finally the spongy one.

The periosteum thickens, thickens. In the future, it can calcify (ossifying periostitis). Calcification of the intervertebral ligaments causes the deformation of the spine in the form of a bamboo stick. With the hematogenous path, the focus of actinomycosis resembles a central bone abscess, differing from the latter by a zone of sclerosis around, which can be barely noticeable or pronounced. The severity and increase in the area of ​​sclerosis around the focus of actinomycosis in the bone is a favorable prognostic sign. The sizes of the centers of destruction vary: the solitary center has usually rather big sizes, multiple - smaller.

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Desloratadine pills online of the central nervous system. Actinomycosis of the brain, which developed as a result of the spread of infection by contact or through the lymphatic pathways from the focus on the face and neck, in the retropharyngeal tissue, proceeds as a purulent, more often basilar meningitis, meningoencephalitis, solitary abscess, which can reach a significant size in one or another part of the head brain, which determines the clinic of the disease. Hematogenous actinomycosis of the brain is characterized by multiple scattered actinomycomas in the brain tissue and in the meninges, which is clinically manifested as encephalitis, dachileptomeningitis. Perhaps a combination of contact and hematogenous routes of infection in the brain.

Actinomycetes, being permanent inhabitants of the oral cavity, are found in plaque, pathological dentogingival pockets, in carious cavities of the teeth, and constitute the main stroma of tartar.

Regional lymph nodes with actinomycosis of the skin are rarely involved in the process, usually only with maxillofacial actinomycosis. Actinomycosis of the face is observed in approximately 58% of the total number of patients with actinomycosis and in almost 6% of patients applying to medical institutions for inflammatory diseases of the jaws and facial areas.

With actinomycosis of the skin of the sacral region, a dense infiltrate with single fistulas often forms. Actinomycosis of the skin of the buttocks is localized in the hypodermis. The process captures the surface of both buttocks and spreads to neighboring areas, forming many painless merging infiltrates with fistulas.

The atheromatous form occurs more often in children. The infiltrate is rounded, up to 5 cm in diameter, elastic consistency (pseudofluctuation), with clear boundaries, reminiscent of true atheroma; subsequently, the infiltrate abscesses with the release of pus and the formation of a fistula. Actinomycosis of the skin may have features depending on the localization. With actinomycosis of the skin of the anal region, multiple fistulas are formed, surrounded by vegetations around the mouths.



In the purulent discharge of fistulas, yellowish grains can often be found - actinomycete drusen. Some of the fistulas are scarred, but new ones soon appear. This form should be differentiated from syphilitic and tuberculous gums, Desloratadine, chronic pyoderma.

The ulcerative form usually occurs in debilitated patients at the site of abscessed infiltrates. The edges of the ulcers are soft, undermined, uneven, the skin around them is bluish in color. The bottom of Desloratadine is covered with necrotic tissues, sluggish granulations. Ulcers often occur in places where there is loose subcutaneous tissue (supra- and subclavian areas, armpits, etc.).

The tuberculous form usually develops with primary actinomycosis of the skin in the form of small (0.5 × 0.5cm), not merging with each other, dense, painless, hemispherical, dark red tubercles. Most of them abscess, opening with the release of a drop of pus. Later, fistulas are formed, periodically covered with brown-yellow crusts. The process tends to affect the subcutaneous adipose tissue and spread to neighboring topographic areas. Sometimes deep-seated tubercles pustulate (tubercular-pustular form of actinomycosis), resembling tubercular syphilis.


With secondary actinomycosis of the skin, the nodes are larger, lie deeper, soldering with the surrounding tissues. The nodes abscess and open with the formation of several fistulas - a gummy form of actinomycosis of the skin.

Distinguish the following clinical forms of actinomycosis of the skin. Knotted shape. In primary actinomycosis of the skin - a dense or densely elastic, inactive, painless infiltrate in the deep layers of the skin measuring 3 × 4 cm or more. Increasing, the infiltrate protrudes above the level of the surrounding skin, which acquires a dark red color with a purple tint (color tables, Fig. 7 and 8). Next to the main focus, new, daughter ones often develop, their evolution is the same.

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Actinomycosis of the skin can be primary and secondary. Primary actinomycosis of clarinex develops as a result of the penetration of actinomypets from the outside during injuries, wounds. Secondary actinomycosis of the skin is observed more often, it develops as a result of the spread of infection from the primary focus in the internal organs.

Actinomycosis of clarinex nervous system.

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Metastatic lesions in the spinal cord are extremely rare. The spinal cord at And. suffers more often from a prelum, than from direct defeat. There are descriptions of A.'s distribution along the membranes, first of the brain, then of the spinal cord with a clinic of cerebrospinal meningitis. The focus of actinomycosis of the central nervous system can exist latently for many years.


Actinomycosis of the spinal cord can develop as a result of contact penetration of infection from the mediastinum through the intervertebral foramina, epidural space and is clinically manifested as radiculomeningitis, acute purulent meningitis.

A peculiar clinical and radiological picture is observed with damage to the foot (see. Madura foot).

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Actinomycosis does not affect cartilage and, as a rule, joints. Apparently, this is precisely why actinomycosis of the spine, even with extensive damage, is not complicated by its curvature.

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